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Pet carriers and crates can be a very good option for your dog in various different ways. It is quite natural that your dog is chewing up your shoes, furniture and other important pieces of stuff. Sometimes, they are destroying your house and they show a guilty face when you show up. Obviously, we love our dogs and we love our house too. So the best solution is to find a right dog crate for your lovely dog. It will create a small indoor escape for your dog and will become a home within a home.

There are many types of dog crates available on the market, also on Amazon. Choosing the right one can be tricky as your dog needs to like that too. Here are the main types of dog crates:

  • Wire dog crate
  • Soft-sided dog crate
  • Plastic dog crate
  • Wooden dog crate
  • Heavy duty dog crate

Find out their specifications, pros, cons, prices, recommendations and more below:

Wire dog crate

Wire or metal dog kennels are the most popular for any size dogs. They are sturdy, easy to clean, easy to assemble and they can be found at a competitive price.

Black Labrador

These pet crates are well-ventilated and they are a very good option for those dogs who like to see their surroundings. Moreover, because of the thin metal frame, your dog will get some extra space inside. They are super easy to clean as they have removable panes.

However, wire dog crates can be inappropriate for an escape artist. Strong dogs can bite those wires and escape easily. So if you are choosing a crate for a very strong dog, heavy duty crates are the best option for you.

Here is our recommendation for wire dog crates

Amazonbasics single door and double door folding metal dog kennel with paw protector

This particular metal dog crate is one of the best sellers in the Amazon market. With more than 7600 reviews, it has rating 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Wire dog crate

This is your all in one wire dog crate for you. It comes in both single door and double door. The one with the double door has a side door to make it convenient for your dog to get in and out. Made of sturdy metal and it folds flat for easy portability/storage. No wonder why they sold that much of this item.

Price wise, it is very competitive. You can buy it from Amazon for only $41.99

Buy it now from Amazon for only $41.99


Soft-sided dog crate

When it comes to travelling, soft sided dog crates are great. They make your life easier if you are going out for a picnic or a trip with your pet dog. However, if your puppy or your dog is not potty trained, they can make your life miserable. Moreover, if your dog is a naughty canine, they can chew the crate thinking of it as a toy. So it is you who will decide what to get. Let’s get some main pros and cons of a soft-sided dog crate. Shall we?


They are easy to carry. Great for travelling as you can fold it stack it anywhere in the vehicle.

It is light and it makes your life easier when you have to move it.

Moreover, most of them come with a shoulder strap so that you can carry them with you in the park or anywhere else without taking the car.

Cute small dog


If your dog is not potty trained yet, we recommend not to go for soft-sided dog crates. Nobody likes those days when your pup peed on your bed or on the carpet and you had to clean it. The same thing might be going to happen if your dog is not potty trained.

There are many dogs who don’t like being trapped inside a crate. They chew them, fight with them even when your dog is out of the crate and it is rather dangerous for them to chew it because it has some hard frame inside.

Although having some disadvantages, soft-sided crates are in good use when it comes to your need. We have researched all the soft-sided dog crates on Amazon and we think the following crate is just what you want.

Jet Sitter Luxury Soft Sided Pet Carrier

  • It is a Luxury Travel Crate

Not only you can put your dog in it, but also you can use it for your cats, hamsters, rabbit and more. It has large mesh pocket and expandable sides for you to put treats, water bowls, toys etc.

soft sided dog crate

  • Definitely a quality Pet Carrier

This will hold medium dogs or small to medium cats. Pets love it because of its softness inside. It holds pets up to 18 months.

  • It is portable

It is quite portable as you can fold it flat and it fits into almost everywhere.

  • Health and Safety

Attached Seat Belt Buckles and Luggage Loop helps fasten our carrier kennel in your car. Also includes Secure Leash inside to hold back escape artists.

  • Jet Sitter Guarantee

It comes with 1-year factory guarantee

  • Size and Color

It comes in two colours, Dark Grey and Khaki. You can order from two different sizes. 18 x 11 x 11 or 19 x 12 x 12.

It has Amazon customer rating 4.5 out of 5 making is one most popular soft-sided dog crate. 

Buy it now from Amazon for only $44.97

Plastic dog crate

Plastic dog crates are great when it comes to Air travelling or any sorts of road trip or picnic. They are quite compact and if you are looking for a crate for your small dog and you travel a lot with your dog, plastic dog crates are just for you. Plastic crates are widely popular for cats as well because cats love them because of their hiding behaviour.

Plastic crates are made of study material. Some of them come with a metal frame inside just to make it extra strong because you will be putting it in your car quite often.

Some choose to use these type of dog crates inside their house on a regular basis. We recommend not to do that as they are quite small compared to others.


They are very good for travelling. They are quite comfortable if you are travelling by Air.

They are quite compact. Fits in to almost everywhere.

They come with a good ventilation system providing enough airflow for your dog.


They are quite small. We recommend these type of dog crates for smaller dogs.

As they don’t normally have enough space inside, we recommend not to use it as your everyday house kennel.

Unlike wire dog crates, they are not foldable. So when you are short on space, this won’t help.


Still, they are awesome for travelling, road trips, picnic or any sort of outside activity.

We have found a plastic dog crate from Amazon and we recommend this particular product for many different reasons.

Amazonbasics Two-door Tap-load pet kennel

They are very good value for money!! You can buy this from Amazon for only $29.99 for a 23-inch crate.

Measures 23 x 15 x 13 inches (Length x Weight x Height)

With Amazon customer rating 4.2 out of 5, this dog crate is definitely one of the best selling plastic dog crates on Amazon.

plastic dog crate

It comes with two-door and the top-load model helps you loading or unloading your cat and dog.

It is made of very strong plastic with a steel-wire front door.

You will get an option to open your top door from left or right for our convenience.

It has a handle on the top making it easier for you to carry it.

plastic dog crate

It comes in 2 different sizes. 19” and 23”. Price is shown for a 23” plastic dog crate.

Buy it now from Amazon for only $29.99


Wooden Dog Gate cum crate:

Every dog owner should have a wooden dog crate to put it in the living room. We spend most of our time in the living room. So our dogs stay with us too. They can be playful and entertaining when you’re bored. However, when you are at that intense moment when your favourite team is about to win or you want to play your favourite game on Xbox, they are might keep asking for your attention. It is better to leave them in the crate. Of course, you wouldn’t want a wire crate or a plastic crate in your living room because of their casual look.

Wooden dog crate, however, looks quite classy and goes well with all sort of living rooms. This is a must-have for dog owners who have a beautiful living room. You can use it as a table or if you love to decorate your room by putting some antique show peace on it.

Price ranging from $110 to $250. A bit expensive compared to other dog crates but it serves in a couple of different ways. Moreover, if your dog has a habit of chewing almost everything, then they might chew the wooden frames/

Amongst all the wooden dog crates found on Amazon, after researching about 100s of them, we found the following wooden dog crate just right for everything.

This is not just an ordinary dog crate, this serves in a couple of different ways as we explained earlier.

Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Kennel

wooden dog crate

Merry pet is very well known for dog crates. Their design and their material are unique. This particular wooden dog kennel is amazing. The wooden frames and the metal wires in the middle make it strong for small to medium size dogs. It has Amazon customer rating 4.3 out of 5 making it one of the most popular wooden dog crates on Amazon.

wooden dog crate

This can also turn into a gate. When you remove the top wooden part (easily removable) and the given plastic tray, you can shape it according to your need to make a gate for your dog. In this way, your dog will get more space.

wooden dog gate Wooden dog gate


Can be used as a dog crate and also as a gate.

Very easy to assemble.

Comes with removable plastic tray.

Comes in two sizes, Medium (32.5L x 23.5W x 22.5H in) and Large (40L x 28W x 31.5H). Price is shown for a medium size wooden dog crate.

Buy it from Amazon for only $123.99

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Heavy-duty metal dog crate:

Afghan; Bloodhound; Doberman Pinscher; Greyhound; Otterhound; Akita ; Bouvier Des Flandres; Dogue De Bordeaux; Komondor; Rottweiler; Alaskan Malamute; Briard; German Shepherd; Kuvasz; Samoyed; Anatolian Shepherd; Bullmastiff; Giant Schnauzer; Newfoundland; Siberian Husky; Bernese Mountain Dog; Collie; Greyhound; Old English Sheepdog; Weimaraner (phew) if you are any of these dog breeds, then we suggest you to buy a heavy duty dog crate.

cute golden retriever dog

As these dogs are big and strong, any other dog kennels won’t be enough for them apart from the heavy duty ones. They are made of heavy-duty metal and they have more space compared to other crates.

Price ranging from $150 to $400. They are a must-have for big dog owners.

There are many heavy duty metal dog crates on the market to confuse you. Here’s what we have is the one that will serve you the better and it is a very good value for money.

Sliverylake XXL Dog Cage 

heavy duty metal dog crate


Made with heavy duty steel frame. Making it strong and durable.

Overall Dimensions: 48.8″(L) x 33″(W) x 37″ (H) ,Door Dimensions: 27.4″ (H) x 18.9″ (W)

It has a removable plastic tray for easy and comfort cleanup.

It comes with four wheels, two of the wheels are lockable.

It comes in 3 sizes, 37”, 42”, 48”. Price is shown for 48” size dog crate.

Easy to assemble.

heavy duty dog crate

Buy it now on Amazon for only $200.99


Heavy-duty plastic dog crate:

Not just the heavy duty metal dog crates are strong. Plastic dog crates can be very strong and heavy duty as well. Here is what we have, heavy-duty plastic dog crate:

Petmate Sky Kennel

heavy duty plastic dog crate


High plastic construction made in the USA.

Weight range up to 15 pounds.

Secure door latches and easy to operate. 

Ventilation on every side.

Comes with clip-on water bowls.

Comes with a live animal sticker for everyone to recognize there is a live animal.


It comes in 6 different sizes. 21”, 28”, 32”, 36”, 40” and 48”. The price is shown for 48” size crate.

Buy it from Amazon for only $322.56

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